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BiCupid Dating App Review 2020

BiCupid is a bisexual dating app with 18 years’ experience in the online dating space. You can even easily find a unicorn on BiCupid dating app.

Leading review site points out that BiCupid encourages people to find casual encounters online, but you can also find serious relationships on BiCupid dating app. As long as two people are on the same page, they can hit it off immediately.

Don’t forget that most bisexual dating apps are threesome dating apps as well because that’s the nature of a lot of bisexual dating platforms where couples are looking for the third leg online. If you think finding MMF relationships is relatively easy and finding FFM relationships is harder, then BiCupid dating app is the solution to your problem!

Because each member can upload up to 26 photos on their dating profile, you can clearly see what every member actually looks like on their profile. Note that 26 is probably the maximum number of photos that a dating app can allow on each dating profile.

The good news is BiCupid is actually more than a dating app. It’s also a sub-culture with forums and a blog which promote the threesome lifestyle; therefore, like-minded couples and singles can congregate on BiCupid and share their insights, experiences & wisdom.

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